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Demo for mGUI - a GameMaker extension which includes a comprehensive set of UI components. Also included is mEase - a set of easing scripts for creating smooth animations, and mJSON - a set of utility scripts for working with JSON files.

mGUI features include:

  • New in v1.5.0 - Dialogue system and Popups!
  • Window, button, arrow, and table GUI elements
  • Smoothly animated sliding navigation menu
  • nested menu support w/ menu traversal history (back button support)
  • Easy integration into your projects and fully customized via JSON settings file

mEase features include:

  • 19 simple and efficient easing scripts
  • Easing scripts include ease in, ease out, and ease in/out variations of:
    • Linear easing
    • Quadratic easing
    • Cubic easing
    • Quartic easing
    • Sinusoidal easing
    • Exponential easing
    • Circular easing

We have a long feature roadmap for mGUI, including:

  • New GUI elements such as:
    • Various user inputs
    • Radio buttons / checkboxes
    • scroll support with built in scrollbars
  • Continued improvements to existing components
  • ...and more!

So download the demo and try it for yourself, and let us know how you like it on twitter (@SlothyLabs)!

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading! Documentation can be found in the included file README.txt.


mGUI v1.5.0 3 MB

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